Warrior Outreach Inc. is staffed entirely by volunteers and depends on YOUR donations!  

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Our Mission — Warrior Outreach Inc supports Veterans, Service members and their Families by offering a wide variety of equine related activities.  Warrior Outreach Ranch offers confidence building, Instructional and relaxing opportunities to interact with horses and enjoy Family bonding.   Our main focus is to assist Soldiers and Families in transitioning and adjusting to life after traumatic occurrences and family separation due to deployments such as war. Our Horsemanship Program  is designed to provide support, similar to equine therapy, to Veterans and their Families in the tri-community area.  We are staffed entirely by caring Volunteers and are privately funded by your donations.  Warrior Outreach partners with businesses and Volunteers in the local area to provide a free Veterans Helping Veterans home repair service for disabled  and deserving Veterans and their surviving Family members. 100%  of your contributions go to providing support to those who need it the most.    Warrior Outreach Inc. partners with Heartland Therapeutic Programs.   Warrior Outreach Inc was founded in 2008 by CSM (retired) Sam Rhodes and is (a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  


· 24 OCT 14 — HHC MCoE Family Retreat and Horsemanship

· 25 OCT — A TRP 5-15th CAV Family Readiness Group Roundup

· 4 NOV  — B TRP 5-15 INF Trail Riding

· 13 NOV  — Columbus Dream Center support preparation.  Packing groceries for over 300 lunches .   Volunteers needed.

· 15 NOV —Columbus Dream Center meals for those that need it and groceries for 300 plus family members for Thanksgiving Dinner (based on food donations to be made).

· 30 NOV — Blue grass Festival (see Community Events page)

· 6 DEC — Horsemanship Event

LOGAN's continues to support Warrior Outreach.   Over 200 FREE appetizer gift cards have been distributed to our Service Members, they continue to draw large numbers in support of our Veterans…  "Raise the Steaks"  Thank you again.

October Horsemanship Event A Great Success!

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